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"With a unique, targeted approach to online advertising, Adadyn’s end-to-end platform provides the tools to reach audiences and meet marketing objectives. Giving users complete campaign control with real-time optimization and the ability to create and serve dynamic digital ads with customized messages across screens, you are in control with Adadyn. With access to programmatic media at a budget any marketer can afford, and unrivaled transparency, this cost-effective platform is leveling the playing field for the global mid-market. Plus, with audience segmentation and data management functionality, customers can control and maximize the impact of their ads. Our commitment to innovation allows for constant creation and refinement of marketing technology solutions. We work diligently to understand the growing needs of the industry, our customers, and the dynamics that affect a decision. Our platform starts and ends with value. By partnering with a number of leading ad tech solution providers in the ecosystem like fraud and malware protection agencies, DSPs and SSPs, trading desks, and more, Adadyn empowers those with smaller ad budgets to produce more relevant, targeted ads—making it possible for mid-sized advertisers to achieve more with any size marketing budget."

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