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"ADITION technologies AG specializes in the development and sale of proprietary ADITION adserving technology. The history of ADITION adserving began in 2001, as the base technology for the marketing portfolio of virtual minds AG was conceived. The continuously advanced ad serving technology in 2004 introduced into the new founded ADITION technologies AG, with the aim of independent product development and commercialization. As one of the few remaining independent ad-serving service providers in Europe, we offer a single solution for publishers and marketers as well as for agencies, direct clients and specialist suppliers (eg. B. Performance-marketeers). Thus ADITION across the segments of the technology partners No.1 for Unified Adserving Solutions. ADITION with more than 70 billion ad requests per month from DoubleClick (Google) the second largest premium ad serving provider in the German area and one of the key players in the European market. OUR QUALITY STANDARDS With a constantly high quality, fast response times and a partnership operation we have always convince our customers and partners - every day anew. Under strict compliance with German and European data protection rules, we provide our customers with legal security, brand and investment protection, and the highest quality in terms of performance, efficiency and stability. A STRONG ALLIANCE As an independent and neutral technology company in the composite of the virtual minds group ADITION supports an international customer base in the implementation of its digital strategy which includes, among 1 & 1, Otto, Payback, Performance Media, Plan.Net, redblue (Media Markt, Saturn), Sixt, mirror QC swisscom and Telefónica count."

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