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"Adnow story started 2 years ago, when a bunch of digital geeks passionate about the digital marketing, RTB and Big Data decided to make a new hybrid native ad format. This format was designed to serve ads and helps discover new really interesting for this visitor content. Also this format is allowing to use media banners and native ads in the same campaign, that is very useful for clients and agencies running brand promotion campaigns. The “serve interesting ads and content” idea is pretty much obvious, but the technical solution is complicated. It took Adnow team over 1 year to develop the first platform prototype. The effectiveness of it's algorithms was pretty impressive from the very first steps. It became possible because in the early days our co-founders have been working with RTB, Big Data, media buying, pay per click campaigns and mobile advertising for the last 10-14 years. A combination of passion and experience made possible to improve this platform and just in 2 years make it the sharpest native ads tool. In December 2015 Adnow started working with webmasters and publisher’s platform was opened for everyone. Since that time, getting more feedback from clients and our partners the algorithms and mathematical model were changed over 12 times improving the selective mechanics. 2 years past and in 2016 Adnow is proud to be a platform for over 150 000 partners, serving over 4 billion impressions each month throughout 107 countries. We are really happy with these results, but there is a long way ahead to perfection and we know it. We are working hard every day on improving our products and algorithms to provide highest incomes for both sides – advertisers and publishers. Yes, we became big, we are international, but also we are still hungry and ready to work hard. And that’s why we can offer our partners and clients more than any other network!"

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