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"At Qualia, we're on a mission to empower the entire digital marketplace to deliver, optimize and measure real-time, seamless consumer experiences across all devices from intent to conversion. Consumer choices and options continue to change and multiply. Information is at our fingertips, at any time, through any device. Mobile and IoT are exploding. Information overload, quite frankly, is an understatement. The growing complexity of digital omni-channel reach requires a more unified, simplified approach. By integrating Qualia's Intent Data Engine with BlueCava's cross-device platform, marketers can connect the dots between in-market consumers and their devices to achieve advertising objectives. Deliver seamless experiences to qualified consumers at scale while measuring the impact to your bottom line all in one platform. That's the power of the new Qualia. Even as consumers act differently in reaction to new technologies, Qualia will be here to provide the latest and best in intent targeting, driving KPIs for brands as the evolution of targeting progresses."

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