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"EXPERIENCE, CONSULTANCY Effiliation, the first affiliation consultancy agency in France, has developed its reputation thanks to the creativity and advice it provides to its advertisers and publishers. RELIABLE, STABLE, MATURE Effiliation’s reliability, the stability and maturity of its technical platform, its team that is both reactive and available, have led to numerous collaborations with the most prestigious advertisers who have remained loyal to Effiliation. INDEPENDENCE, SOUND FINANCIAL HEALTH An independent production consultancy wholly owned by its executives, Effiliation federates skill clusters that allow it to work on all conceptual aspects of client marketing based on performance. Relying on a network of 10,000 partner sites, it is currently the only agency to offer comprehensive « marketing services » that provide the solution to each advertiser problem: Creating traffic Expanding sales Recruiting prospects Management chart, follow-up and analysis Recommendations on recruitment strategies Producing the mechanism and its media (web creation studio) Deployment of the mechanism on Effiliation Network Managing the affiliation relationship (trusted third party, payment, disputes)"

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